What if you could write a book that would transform readers into paying clients? What if you could say, “I wrote the book on it” and mean it–literally? What if you could use your book as the ultimate business card? What if you could become a bestselling author in your industry and be known for your story, your sales message, your methods, and your unique perspective on your industry?

Guess what? You can do all of this and more when you work with Author Sphere.

Created by multi-book bestselling author, Kerri Nelson, Author Sphere is a high touch (one on one) writing and coaching program that will help you turn your ideas into a published book that you can hold in your hand (and place into the hands of potential clients and customers). If you want to read the full story about Kerri and why she created Author Sphere click on the link below.

But, let’s talk about what can Author Sphere do for you?

If you’re a professional in any industry, having your own published book is a tried and true way to level up your business. It’s a proven method that never fails to bring in much needed business and plenty of opportunities like conference appearances, podcast guest spots, and more! Just look at any big time professional in any industry and you’ll see…they ALL have books! This isn’t an accident or a coincidence. This is because they know what works.

Who is this Author Sphere for?

If you’re in any of these industries (or if you’re in a different industry, contact us and inquire) then you’ve found the right place:

  • Coaching or Consulting
  • Wellness or Health
  • Real Estate
  • Legal Field
  • Financial Planning
  • Music School or Instruction
  • Teaching or Instructional
  • Corporate or Executive

We’ve worked with dozens of authors from all over the world (both hemispheres). We’ve coached them through writing their own books. And, for others, we’ve taken the lead and helped to actually ghostwrite the entire book (with their input and instruction) for them. We know how to take YOUR ideas and YOUR methods and turn them into a beautifully crafted full-length book. 

After we’ve finalized your book and created your publishing account, we publish your digital e-book and print book and help you put in your first order of print books. We are a full service coaching, writing, and publishing service.

So, if you’ve ever had a dream of being a published author…what are you waiting for? 

Now’s the time to stop wishing and hoping and dreaming. Now’s the time to take ACTION! But, we will warn you… Because of the high touch, personalized service that we offer…we can only take a few clients per year. This allows us to provide the best possible books for you. That’s why we only accept clients through an application process. You complete our application (click the link below to get started) and we’ll contact you to discuss how we can work together.

It really needs to be a true commitment and investment on both sides. That’s the only way we can create the magic that you’ve been looking for.

If this sounds like something you’ve been searching for…get started today! We have a few spots left for this year’s schedule.

Oh, hello! YOU look like the next bestselling author to us! Let’s make it happen.


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